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Type of code

  1. Fixed. The code emitted by the remote control, is always the same. There is no encryption and once the remote control is duplicated, the copy works directly in the receiver.
  2. Rolling. The code emitted by the remote control, changes with each pulse. A copy of the remote control should be made, that way generating the same brand and model but with a different serial number, that will be necessary for registry in the receiver. There are specific instructions for each receiver of either how to register the copy, remotely or directly manipulating the receiver.


Auto-Programmable The remote control can be registered in the receiver without the need of the original remote control, as long as radio communication is activated and the memory is not full.


  1. In front of the receiver keep the JMA remote control pressed during 10 seconds until the red LED goes off (after 4 seconds) and it turns to green (at 10 seconds).
  2. Once the LED is green, release the button and wait for the LED to definitely go off. During the process, the green LED will flash once or several times depending on the code type until finally going off.

If the process does not work, test the standard method using the original remote control or gaining access directly from the receiver.


No copy

The selected remotes can not be copied with a single JMA remote