AERF® Terra

AERF® Terra


The JCM rolling code remote control synchronisation procedure is identical for all models, including customised models, except the 868 MHz.

There are two synchronisation procedures for these devices.

Remote synchronisation procedure using the original remote control

1. Stand near the receiver and use a pointed object to press the pushbutton at the rear of the remote control already synchronised in the facility. If there is no rear button, press all the buttons on the original device at once.

The receiver will emit a beep, indicating that it has switched to synchronisation mode.

2. Within 10 seconds of the beep, press the button on the device to be synchronised.

The receiver will emit another short beep to indicate that the remote control has been synchronised.

If the receiver fails to synchronise the device (does not emit the short beep) it may mean that the memory is full and the remote control cannot be synchronised without the installer\'s permission.

3. After 10 seconds the receiver will exit synchronisation mode and emit 2 short beeps.